Friday, August 19, 2011


The Danish porcelain factory Royal Copenhagen has been producing the "Blue Fluted" pattern since 1775. This pattern, which depicts a fluted border with flowers, berries and vines, comes in three distinct configurations, depicted below:

BLUE FLUTED - FULL LACE, with perforated lace edges (see image 1)

Image 1

BLUE FLUTED - HALF LACE, with painted lace edges (image 2)

Image 2

BLUE FLUTED - PLAIN, with simple smooth edges (image 3)

Image 3

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DID YOU KNOW THAT because it is the first pattern Royal Copenhagen ever made, the company's mark on its Blue Fluted items will often include a number 1 above the item number? See for example the following mark with the numbers 1 over 1018. The number 1 stands for the pattern (Blue Fluted pattern), and the number 1018 refers to the specific item (Full Lace salad serving bowl).